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This website started in Spring 2000 as an unofficial site, called "The Alty Pages". Subsequently, it became the official club site, carrying on from the excellent pioneering work of Dr Alan Johnson, who had run the official site from its inception in 1997.


  1. To promote Altrincham Football Club
  2. To provide accurate, daily (or at least on 350 days in any 365) news relating to Altrincham FC and the league in which its representative teams play. Representative teams include the first team, ladies' team, reserves, youth team, junior teams.
  3. To ensure that all news is cited with its source and, where possible, a hyperlink to that source.
  4. To provide match reports on all first team games and wherever possible on reserves', ladies', youth and other games.
  5. To provide historical information and statistics relating to the club, including news of former players and officials.
  6. To provide information and news from other local football clubs.
  7. To provide ample illustrative material which, where it not the copyright of this website itself, indicates clearly where it has come from.
  8. Not to reproduce illustrative material without prior permission of the copyright holder.
  9. To provide a site index/archive of all material placed on the site.
  10. To respond to all e-mails (other than spam, abuse etc) within 48 hours (except when on holiday). Where appropriate, e-mails will be passed on to other club officials for a response (e.g. requests for player trials). Otherwise, e-mail addresses and personal information will not be passed to third parties.
  11. To allow other websites to use material from this site subject to the laws of copyright and with the proviso that the source "www.altrinchamfc.com" or "www.altrinchamfc.co.uk" is always quoted.
  12. The website does not accept reponsibility for the accuracy of views reproduced in good faith from other sources, or for the content of adverts placed on the site as a requirement of the league[s] in which the club plays, nor does it accept liability for the consequences of any inaccuracies of content e.g. maps or directions, kick off times etc.
  13. Where errors are made, these will be corrected promptly and, where appropriate, with an apology.

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At 1/1/2002: 69,547
At 1/1/2003: 178,589
At 1/1/2004: 296,757
At 1/1/2005: 456,114
At 1/1/2006: 697,566
At 1/1/2007: 1,001,771
At 1/1/2008: 1,385,722
At 1/1/2009: 2,036,148
At 1/1/2010: 2,648,522
At 1/1/2011: 3,181,286
At 1/1/2012: 3,864,395
At 1/1/2013: 4,494,967
At 1/1/2014: 5,009,678* (i.e. "alty1" from 1/1/13 to 23/7/13 plus "news" from 24/7/13 to 31/12/13, i.e. excludes those visiting "headline" page)

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